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Cape Town , December 1-8, 2014


Nansen Tutu Center summer school

What is it all about ?

The Nansen Tutu Center summer school on Ocean and Climate will be hosted by the Nansen Tutu Center at University of Cape Town, upper campus, James Building, in the Physics department



Lecturers from all around the world will join forces with local lecturers to bring up to date materials.


Maps, tips, what to do on arrival, recommanded taxi, accomodation. We all will be under the same roof, we will braai and jol together and visit some special places. DMamaetail on howe


Six days of class and homework and a lot of social interactions between lecturers and participants. Psa


Students from all around the world will participate to the workshop. You will be put to contribution, work on mini project and present your work on a daily basis


Thanks to all the generous sponsors and the scientists who secured the funding. This is hard work.



First find a sponsor to finance your stay and then send a half page motivation letter before the 3 of Octoberbeebe


Social Network

Post comment, pics, links, answer comments. If you are lost, this is the place to ask for help.

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